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I create programs that are for everyone and everybody.

No matter your age, or what stage of your fitness journey you are at, my programs are progressive and easily adaptable to suit your needs while appropriately challenging you.



Work It Girl is the original 12 week program that started it all. 12 weeks of progressive workouts and nutritional habit building to get you started on your fitness journey. Delivered as a PDF, you can repeat the program as many times as you want! YouTube links are embedded throughout the PDF to show proper exercise form. This program is great for someone looking to start their fitness journey, self guided.

Work It Girl
WIG Program Preview.png

$45 per month

  • The subscription program is delivered through an app that can be used on a phone, tablet, or computer.

  • Workouts are designed to be easily done from home with minimal equipment, but are also adaptable to a gym environment.

  • The subscription is progressive (builds on learned skills), and is suitable for all fitness levels.

  • Receive 4 weekly workouts with warmups and stretches - all exercises have a built in video reference so that there is no guess work on how to perform the exercise correctly.

  • Have a question or need clarification? No problem - the app has an instant chat feature so you can get in contact with your coach whenever you need! Your coach sees your activities and notes you make, helps monitor your progress, and keeps you on track. 

  • The beauty of the subscription is that you never run out of workouts - for as long as you're subscribing, you are delivered workouts to keep you progressing!

  • Bonus: Beyond the support of your coach, you join a private Facebook community of like-minded women who support and cheer for each other every step of the way. This community is where you receive additional coaching, prompts and support from your coach as well.​

Monthly Subscription


Starting at $160 / month


Custom programming is the best option if you're looking to step up your fitness program from generic, with a self directed program, that is tailor made for you, your goals, and your specific equipment available!​

  • I work with you to develop a custom workout program to do from home or the gym.

  • I help monitor your progress, and keep you accountable.

  • Receive a monthly coaching call to ensure you're on track and assess any program changes.

  • Receive access to my private online client community.

Custom Programming

Have questions about my programming? Unsure of which program is the best fit for you?

Use the chat bubble in the bottom right corner to get in touch!

Home workout equipment recommendations:

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