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Real PeoplE, Real Results


The girl who never gives up!

Sam started her fitness journey with Group Fitness classes. When COVID started, she decided she wanted to stay on-track during the gym closures and signed up for the 12 Week Work It Girl Program. 

At only 2 months in she was seeing inches lost, strength gained, and an entirely new outlook on healthy living. How she views taking care of her body, nutrition, and mindset have seen nothing but positive changes.


She is unstoppable!



The girl who blew her own mind!

She joined the Work It Girl program at the beginning of the pandemic. Her gym was closed and she needed something to keep her active from home. She was to be a bridesmaid in the fall and had purchased her dress in a size down, and it wouldn't zip up! She was on a mission to tone up and shed some inches.

Fast forward 12 weeks when she tries the dress on again - it not only zips up, but it is a size and a half too big!!!






The girl who fell in love with home workouts!

Taylor started the 12 week Work It Girl Program during Covid after she'd seen the success her friend had with it. She learned the basics and progressed through the 12 weeks, making an incredible transformation. All it took was consistency, balanced nutrition, and her positive attitude!


"The program was really fantastic especially while gyms were closed. I've never liked working out at home, but this program made it very simple and achievable! I find I now choose home workouts very often now over driving to the gym." 

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