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my story

I know what it feels like to be overweight, uncomfortable in your own skin, frustrated with lack of progress, and held back by injury. 

I spent years trying to find a way to get active and lose some weight without being in pain. It was hard and frustrating, and I was doing it alone. I had joined gyms, purchased programs, worked with coaches, but it just didn't work. I would use my knee pain as a crutch and an excuse to not do things... and then would eat emotionally to try and make myself feel better.... it was a vicious cycle.


At the peak of my frustration, I found Group Fitness... It was with these fun classes that started my fitness journey. I was attending 3-4 classes per week and was starting to see my energy, mood, and outlook on life improve. Group Fitness was the stepping stone that made me want to dig deeper with health and fitness. 

I became a BCRPA Certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor so I could empower others to start or continue their fitness journeys in a safe, welcoming environment, with fun and inspiring programming.


My fitness journey had a slow and frustrating start, so I am on a mission to ensure my clients and participants start their own journey feeling empowered and confident! I don't believe in crash diets, insane workout schedules, or restricting the things we enjoy. Everything I teach and preach is grounded in movement and dietary science, consistency, understanding, and progression. These elements are all fundamental to building a strong foundation to achieve long lasting success.

Specialties & Certifications

Training Specialties Include:

  • Creating self efficacy in the gym

  • Working with complete beginners

  • Safe coaching for strength training

  • Improving coordination and balance

  • Fixing technique, form and body mechanics

  • Helping clients find comfortable movement post-injury

  • Introducing clients to strength training and/or powerlifting

  • Sustainable lifestyle and mindset change for long-term success

  • Working with individuals recovering from stroke, brain injury, multiple sclerosis, or other mobility concerns


  • BCRPA Certified in:

    • Personal Training

    • Weight Training

    • Fitness Theory

    • Group Fitness

  • Emergency First Aid & CPR/AED Level C

my Journey to a healthier place

Julia transformation.jpg
Julia transformation.jpg
Julia face transformation (1 year diff).

my 12 week Work It Girl results

Week 1

week 12

Julia 2020 Transformation.jpg
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